mateo conti

usual photographer

Né à Milan le 21/09/1985

Vit et travaille entre Paris et Milan

2009 DNSEP Esad Amiens
2007 DNAP Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Rueil Malmaison


"Where the RPGs take their strenght from (and other fetish)" La boutique, Strasbourg

"visual poetry" Labo Café Galerie Toussaint, Paris

"17 teenage pictures" l'atelier d'Alizarine, Amiens
"Il était une fois" Galerie C, Amiens

"Little grasshopper" exposition des 4ème années, galerie de l'ESAD Amiens
"voyager" avec Benoit Vitrand, Virtuelles Galeries, Saint Fuscien

"E tutte le imagini sono", galleria Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

"Volevo essere un artista", galleria Fotografia Italiana, Milan

Music for staring at my pictures

Ambiances sonores que j'ai composé pour immerger mes images dans un environnement vibratoire contrôlé.
peaceful pictures by Mateo Conti Music for staring at my pictures by Mateo Conti Music for staring at still pictures by Mateo Conti

still trying to repair my scooter


hay scent future

basement scent future

O brother

before the hour of the snake comes

the place i reborn as a mosquito larva

France Info


Nature as a stripper


For my relatives

"Where the RPGs take their strength" series


Jumpin jumpin

Hidden shitty patterns

That day, there was exactly the same light.


The hammer and the finger

Socks party


I have a camera, it's magic

Feels like Larry

fast dirt

Escaped from school


Clouds makes skies dirty

first sun of 2009 in Pusan, South Korea

I was lost in France


the road the river the rain the bridge the mud the trees

Where should we look visiting touristic places

In this place I reborn as a frog.

Close to me on this afternoon thinking of the distance between me and my love.

Kitties works everyday.

3 pm

Me neither

The landscape from my window

I suddenly remembered somthing, and immediately thinked to something else.

Somewhere, a homemade vegetable soup is gently boiling...